1. How accessible is my private physician with oneMD?

oneMD’s services are designed to give you 24-hour, seven-day-a-week coverage. When you sign up, you will be given your doctor’s cell and home phone numbers, as well as his e-mail address. In addition, oneMD gives you an appointment within 24 hours of your call, and makes every effort to accommodate private, no-wait, walk-in visits..

2. In addition to receiving the comprehensive physical exam and Life Plan, what other services and amenities can I expect?

oneMD is unlike any other medical office that you’ve seen. Upon arriving, you will find reserved parking at the front of our building and will then walk into a special reception area where coffee and other refreshments are provided. Due to the size of our practice, we are able to keep waiting times to a minimum and you will see very few, if any, patients waiting for an appointment. When visiting with your physician, you will be taken to a spacious, well-appointed exam room equipped with cable television and internet access, as well as a phone for your private use. Executives can also take advantage of our fax services. oneMD apparel such as luxury robes, cotton smocks and athletic wear are provided to patients for their physical exam and other medical procedures as necessary. Shower facilities, linens and personal toiletries are provided for patients who want to freshen up after their visit.

oneMD employs a full-time Director of Patient Services that offers personalized concierge services to our patients. Issues such as navigating through insurance issues, scheduling appointments for appropriate vaccinations prior to international travel, and delivery of prescription medications can be coordinated. Communication is enhanced through various patient mailings such as quarterly health newsletters and appointment reminder cards. Patient medical records are stored electronically and can be accessed online by both patient and physician.

The service doesn’t end there. We are constantly striving to find ways to enhance your LifePlan by seeking partnerships with other local wellness organizations and healthcare providers who share our vision of enriching our patients’ health and well being.

3. Will my oneMD physician be considered my primary physician for the purposes of my insurance plan?

Our physicians are currently enrolled in a variety of large insurance networks. Our office works closely with each patient to ensure proper coordination with their existing insurance plan.

4. Will my oneMD physician make house calls?

If your situation does not require use of diagnostic equipment in the physician’s office, a house call or visit to your office can be made, if necessary.

5. What happens if I need to see a specialist or go to the hospital?

Your doctor will guide you through the process of seeing a specialist as well as diagnostic testing and out-of-office procedures. This includes calling other doctors and specialists for you, arranging appointments and following through on your case. Depending on the diagnosis or procedures performed by the specialist, your private physician will find out results, interpret them for you and develop a game plan for you on the same day. oneMD has relationships with specialists who will try to accommodate the same-day, private consultations offered by oneMD. If you are in the hospital, your doctor will see you daily and will maintain frequent contact with you and the hospital staff to monitor your care.

6. What is the size of the practice?

Most successful internal medicine physicians have an active roster of 3,000 to 5,000 patients. oneMD plans to limit its patient size to 300 patients per physician, and would only increase its patient number depending on our ability to maintain our promise of same-day service and high level of personalized care. In any case, the oneMD practice will remain one-tenth the size or smaller of a typical practice, allowing for immediate, hands-on care.

7. What happens if I experience a chronic or long-term illness?

At oneMD, you are treated like a member of your private physician’s family. Rather than shunting you off to a specialist, your oneMD doctor becomes your health guardian. If necessary, your doctor will personally research your condition and then discuss your illness with leaders in the field of your illness to ensure that you receive expert care and the latest, most advanced treatment plans available. Furthermore, your doctor will help you navigate the increasingly complex healthcare system that fails some patients with severe or chronic illnesses.

8. Will I be healthier?

We can’t promise that, no. But what we can promise you is peace of mind. Knowing that your private physician is dedicated to you and your health, working on your behalf, paying attention to every single detail at all times.