Other Features

Other Features:

What is important is your convenience, not the doctor’s. You get the attention you deserve when you need it.

No waiting
You will be escorted to a stylish, comfortable private room, and will be seen within minutes by the doctor. We realize privacy is extremely important to many individuals, and we always maintain complete confidentiality.

Doctor as partner
You are no longer alone when dealing with the convoluted healthcare system. You now have a partner to guide you through any crisis. Your doctor will help you understand the issues so that the situation can be handled quickly and effectively with the finest care possible.

House calls
Made if and when necessary, house calls offer you convenience and save your valuable time. When you are ill, the discomfort of traveling to see a doctor is eliminated.

Limited number of patients
Typically, a doctor’s practice is comprised of about 5,000 patients. With no more than 1/10th that number at oneMD, your doctor can provide focused, personalized care with time devoted to you and you alone.

One annual fee
The comprehensive annual physical exam, 24/7 personal care, LifePlan, and convenience of service are all covered by one retainer. oneMD is the most thorough and focused approach to individual healthcare available at any medical practice in the area.

LifePlan Personal health plan
Like a personal trainer, you and your doctor will set health goals that make sense for your age, physical condition and lifestyle, so you can maximize your health over the short and long term.

Comprehensive physical examination
You will have a thorough annual assessment of your current health status with no waiting, no hassles, no overnight stays in a hospital. You will have test results within 24 hours.