Physical Exam

The foundation of oneMD service is an annual comprehensive physical examination.

This will likely be the most thorough medical exam you’ve ever experienced in a doctor’s office. It is comparable to physical examinations performed at national research institutions such as the renowned Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins.

You will be thoroughly tested using the latest medical technologies and equipment. Many of the tests will be new to you given that they’re typically not covered by insurance companies and HMOs.

And importantly, the physical will be performed in our office. An overnight stay in a hospital isn’t necessary. You will have lab results within 24 hours – no more waiting, no more wondering — with a complete written report of what it all means in language you can understand.

Once complete, you and your physician will work together to establish health goals and priorities that fit your lifestyle. Called LifePlan, it will incorporate your short and long-term health goals with the overall objective of prolonging and maximizing your enjoyment of life.

The point is, at oneMD, we don’t just perform the tests and send you on your way — as is often the case with other types of practices. Your private physician at oneMD is always there to read the tests, interpret the results and follow through with you on a continual basis.

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